The Art of Social Media: Designing a Plan as Unique as Your Business 

The Art of Social Media: Designing a Plan as Unique as Your Business 

September 11, 20233 min read

The Art of Social Media: Designing a Plan as Unique as Your Business 

There are so many moving pieces when it comes to social media success. The content, strategy, monetization efforts, and more, there’s always something new to explore. 

Do you often find yourself overwhelmed with the following?

  • What should I post

  • When should I post

  • Why should I post

  • How often should I post

Guess what, I do too!  In fact, everyone does.

Sometimes we get lost in the weeds keeping up with the latest trends and we lose sight of what is important to our own business.  So I suggest to you, stop the comparison game. Your business is unique, so you need to take some time and create a unique plan.

First ask yourself, what am I trying to accomplish?

  • More followers?

  • More sales?

  • Brand recognition?

  • Establish yourself as an industry thought leader?

  • More engagement?

  • All the above?

Whatever it is, BE CONSISTENT! But why?

Consistency is important in social media for a number of reasons.

The most important reason why consistency is key – you can continue building that KNOW, LIKE & TRUST factor.

  • By posting consistently your audience gets to know YOU, your brand and your products and services.

  • Set yourself apart from similar businesses in your area or industry.

  • When your social media account is active and engaging. It encourages them to follow along and stay connected. People want to be seen and heard even online with other strangers!

  • Being consistent will show your audience you are someone that is reliable and that they can trust with their purchasing needs.

Consistency helps you to establish a strong brand presence. Just like in life, consistency can create massive change and results. Think about it this way… if you work out at a gym with a trainer 5 days a week, you will see muscle mass changes and overall wellness upgrades. Or what about this… you brush your teeth twice a day so that you can ensure the utmost oral health and wellness. You’d hate to lapse on brushing your teeth and have to get teeth pulled and other nasty side effects you don’t want. 

The same is especially true for your social media. The more you show up and share to your audience, the more they will be craving your content. The time you spend priming your audience to recognize and love everything you post, the faster your community will grow. When your community grows, the more brand awareness you will have. The more brand awareness you have, the more your business can optimize. 

You might be asking, where do I start? First, grab your calendar and write down the days you want to post. Then, take that to the next level and write out the types of posts you want to post and how you want to spread your message to the masses. Lastly, schedule them out so that you are ready to rock! 

Remember this, consistent and persistent effort, rather than sporadic effort, is more likely to lead to success. And you deserve every ounce of success! 

“If you are consistent in your planning then you will be consistent in your results.”  --Tracy Walker

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