Content pillars that support your marketing strategy

Content pillars that support your marketing strategy

August 18, 20233 min read

Content pillars that support your marketing strategy

In the words of singer Marin Morris, “If the bones are good, the rest don’t matter.”

Establishing content pillars will help lay the foundation of your content marketing strategy so you can stop guessing what to post on social media. Content pillars to create brand consistency and give structure to your campaigns that hold up your business goals.

As a small business owner there is so much to manage. Adding social media content creation and execution to the mix can make your job overwhelming.

So, how can you structure your social media presence to help keep a roof over your head? Make sure your content pillars have good bones!

The best way is to create a plan by using CONTENT PILLARS.

Through creating and using Content Pillars, otherwise known as “buckets”, you can segment your content easier. These buckets give you a concrete and organized plan that creates consistent content that is deliberate and meaningful. This eliminates falling into overdone trends, and provides a strategic way to produce content.

“I love utilizing Content Pillars in my business and my clients’ businesses as it makes planning so much simpler and faster.” - Tracy Walker

The 5 E’s of Content

Here are the 5 content pillars that I recommend when creating content for your small business.

  1. Educate:  Share valuable information that educates your ideal client.  

  2. Entertain:  Create content that is funny by using a meme or giphy. 

  3. Engage:  Get your audience involved in the conversation with polls.

  4. Exchange:  Collaborate with others in your industry to reach a larger audience.  

  5. Emotion:  Tell a story that invokes people to take action.  If people can connect with you then they are more likely to buy from you.  People buy from people.

Lastly, content pillars can help your brand achieve consistency on your social media platforms. This will make your brand more recognizable.

Here is are some examples you can use in your own business:

  1. Educate: Go live and show your audience how to implement a product or service you provide.

  2. Entertain: Post about a fun project you’ve worked on or a new product offer.

  3. Engage:  Poll your audience on their top favorite 5 tools they use in quilting.

  4. Exchange:  Go live with one of your vendors and interview them about the products they offer.

  5. Emotion:  Share a story about a quilt a client made in honor of someone or a quilt that someone made for them.

Now what? 

Grab a blank piece of paper and a pen and brainstorm your 5 content buckets at the top of the paper. Set a timer for 15 minutes. Underneath the words, let your mind flow out all of the content ideas you have that fit under each bucket. 

After the timer goes off, put the pen down and do a happy dance! You’re one step closer to having your content planned out. 

Having Content Pillars will help you get clear on your message so that you can show up and serve your audience the best.

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