The Illusion of Ownership: Navigating Social Media's Rented Realities

The Illusion of Ownership: Navigating Social Media's Rented Realities

November 06, 20236 min read

The Illusion of Ownership: Navigating Social Media's Rented Realities

In today's online world, many businesses connect with their customers using popular social media platforms. These platforms are a great way to get free advertising to grow your business. But it comes with one tiny drawback – you don’t own your social media account, your followers, or your content. You have to think of social media like rented space. 

Even though social media is extremely helpful for creating long-lasting customers, connections, and for setting up a shop for instant payments, you don’t own anything on those platforms.   

Your accounts truly belong to someone else and could be altered or erased from existence at a moment's notice. How would you communicate with new customers or qualified leads if that happened? How would you be able to show the online world what you have to offer and share your story?

Aside from not owning anything in social media land, all of these platforms are constantly changing their algorithms, rules and offerings. These changes can greatly affect how far your post, story, live or video can reach your audience. There’s a better way to gain attention from your ideal customers and give them the best digital buyer’s journey as possible.

No Social Media?! Now what?

To truly own and control your online space, a lead magnet is important to the continued growth of your business. 

A lead magnet is an enticing offer or valuable piece of content that a business or individual provides to potential customers or audience in exchange for their contact information, typically their email addresses. The goal of a lead magnet is to attract and capture the attention of the audience and encourage them to willingly share their contact details, allowing for further engagement and communication. 

Lead magnets are designed to provide value, solve a problem, or offer specific knowledge related to the target audience's interests, making it a win-win by establishing a relationship and building a subscriber or customer base. 

This ensures you can communicate with your clients no matter what happens in the online world. It's like building your own store in the digital world—you have direct communication with your customers.

The key to a successful lead magnet is understanding your audience's specific needs, interests, and pain points within the world of quilting. 

Once you fully understand what your customer’s needs are, you can tailor your offering to address these elements, ensuring that your lead magnet becomes an irresistible proposition, leaving potential subscribers eager to join your email list.

Benefits of Using Lead Magnets

  • Reaching Interested People: By creating lead magnets related to your business, you attract an audience already interested in your products. These are the people more likely to engage with your future emails and buy from you.

  • Building Trust: Offering valuable lead magnets establishes you as an expert in your field. Subscribers will trust your advice and recommendations, boosting your brand's credibility.

  • Increasing Sales: Engaged email subscribers are more likely to become paying customers. By keeping them informed and engaged through regular emails, you pave the way for future sales and business growth.

  • Personalized Marketing: Having an email list lets you tailor your marketing efforts based on user behavior and preferences. You can offer special deals and suggest products based on each subscriber's preferences.

As a business owner, the possibilities for your lead magnet are vast, allowing you to cater to diverse preferences within your target audience. 

You may be thinking to yourself, “what can I even offer as a Lead Magnet to grow my email list and client base?” Don’t worry, here are some options:

  • Ebook or Whitepaper: Offer an in-depth guide on a relevant topic in your industry, providing valuable insights and actionable tips.

  • Webinar or Online Workshop: Host a live or recorded webinar covering a topic of interest to small business owners, offering expert insights and solutions.

  • Email Course: Create a series of email lessons addressing common challenges faced by small business owners, offering practical solutions and advice.

  • Exclusive Video Content: Offer access to exclusive video content, such as tutorials, interviews with industry experts, or behind-the-scenes glimpses of your business.

  • Free Consultation or Audit: Provide a complimentary consultation session or business audit to assess the specific needs and challenges faced by the business owner.

Your lead magnets should not only attract but retain a community of engaged subscribers, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of your quilt store in the digital landscape.

By implementing thoughtfully designed lead magnets, you not only increase your email list but also establish a foundation of trust and credibility. This enables you to foster a long-lasting relationship with your audience, positioning your quilt store as a go-to destination for quilting enthusiasts seeking both knowledge and quality products. 

Once you've successfully built an email list through engaging lead magnets, the power of email marketing comes to the forefront of your digital strategy. 

Email Marketing for Your Business

Email marketing is a critical component that allows you to maintain a direct and personal line of communication with your audience. It goes beyond the limitations of social media, providing a more intimate and tailored connection with your customers.

Imagine having the ability to share exciting updates about your products, your team, exclusive promotions, and educational content directly with your customers' inboxes. Emails give a sense of personal touch and priority, making your customers feel valued and engaged. It's like inviting them into your digital storefront for a private showcase of all the wonderful offerings.

As much of today’s buying power lies with digital natives, a strong online presence is no longer an option but a necessity. Utilizing email lists strategically and delivering compelling lead magnets enables you to connect deeply with your customer base and extend your influence to your audience.

Your customers are more than just buyers—they form a community bound by a common interest in what you have to offer. By utilizing lead magnets to grow your email list, you not only expand your reach but also nurture this community, providing them with valuable insights, resources, and offers that resonate with their buying aspirations.

For a small business owner, embracing email lists and lead magnets is a gateway to a brighter future. It's about fostering a relationship of trust and enthusiasm with your audience. Every email you send is an opportunity to share your passion product or service, showcase your latest offerings, and impart your expertise. It's about engaging your audience, fostering loyalty, and ultimately driving sales that sustain and grow your store.

Understanding the fact that social media is a completely rented space and lead magnets are owned by you and show off your expertise is key. 

While social media platforms serve as important touchpoints, your email list is a direct line to your customers—a territory you own and control. Leveraging both effectively amplifies your presence and maximizes your impact in this ever-changing digital landscape.

Establishing a solid foundation on your own turf in the vast internet can make all the difference. Through thoughtful email marketing and compelling lead magnets, you'll not only witness your quilt store thriving but also contribute to the growth and enrichment of the quilting community. 

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